Why Gamification is the Future of Digital Marketing?

Gamification is the Future of Digital Marketing

Today, it is harder than ever to get target consumers to interact with you for many different reasons. Now the question is arises How and Why Gamification is the Future of Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is predicted to continue to be a key strategy in digital marketing and marketers will soon start looking for new solutions to create fun and engaging content.

“Gamification is the future of digital marketing” and “the future is now”, to use two of the highlighted titles this week. If you still need convincing, check out this selection of 2016 articles on the impact and uses of gamification in digital marketing, as well as an oldie-but-goodie Top 10 List from our favorite gamification guru, Yu-Kai Chou! We owe our quote of the week to Craig Munitz, CBR Marketing Solutions:



This is why advertisers are looking towards gamifying their approach.

Digital marketing is changing. 

The digital era only begins with millennials. The generation after (sometimes referred to as Generation Z or the igeneration) will have even greater demands on digital marketing. It won’t be enough to simply engage in social media, we will have to adapt if we want to succeed.


First of all, what is gamification?

It’s basically application of game mechanisms to non-gaming activities and contexts. Gamification is of great use to areas of business which depend on engagement and motivation – for instance training, project management, recruitment or marketing.

Rewarding players with points and badges or displaying top players on special leaderboards, marketers can appeal to the competitive nature of humans and successfully engage consumers with the brand.


The main advantage of gamified environments is that they simply drive motivation. Applying gamification to content marketing, marketers can create many opportunities for consumer engagement with brands, drive specific behaviors and motivate players to perform tasks which require a lot of effort or time and would be impossible in non-gamified environments.


If games are poorly designed or badly conducted, they fail to deliver the expected results and might bring serious consequences to brand’s reputation. Some games spark controversy – remember the recruiting game launched by the US Army?

To make sure that their gamified practice is safe and brings tangible effects to content marketing, marketers should take extra care when designing the game and formulating rules, provide feedback in real-time, justly recognize top players and make progress tracking transparent.

Reasons of Gamification

Take a look at these four reasons why gamification is the future of digital marketing.

1. It Panders to the New Generation

Most people think of these digital children as being college age, but the majority of them are out of college and have careers and families.

Gamification could be that method of  adaptation. Gamified content gives millennials a form of interaction that they don’t often see and it gives this new generation the interaction they will demand.

2. Way of Continuous Interaction

One of the hardest parts of social media marketing is the continuous publishing that goes along with it. Gamification offers the same rewards and exposure without the constant publishing.

By essentially giving users a game to play while engaging their brand,  users were able to unlock achievements, compete with friends, and share their progress. This lead to continuous engagement with the product and with the brand. 

3. Lots of Unique Promotional Opportunities

Promotional opportunities are endless with Gamifacation. Whether it’s pairing with new products, highlighting  old products, or encouraging purchases through discounts and sales, gamification has the potential to increase brand awareness. 

4. It’ s New

Compared to the others, this reason may seem insignificant, but trust me, being new is what gives gamification the  potential to be the future of digital marketing.

How to start using gamification in your content marketing?

Gamification can work for almost any product or service and it’s adaptable to every budget. Here are a few tips to help you get started on gamification for content marketing.

1. Take small steps

If you’ve never tried gamification in marketing, its best to first try it with a simple game. One way to start is by rewarding users for visiting your Facebook page, following you on Twitter or viewing your videos on YouTube.

2. Structure your game to make sense of it

Instead of building a large and complicated gamified environment, it’s better to divide the game into a set of small activities which visitors can learn about gradually. Give players just the information they absolutely need to have in order to move to the next level.

3. Relate gamification to your marketing goals

Plan your gamification strategy to ensure that visitors don’t just visit your website to play and then exit the page. Gamification is there to help you create better product awareness or increase your bottom line. Your game should direct visitors to other parts of your website, learning more about your product or service.

4. Consult with professionals

Gamification is an excellent strategy to help you spice up your content marketing and engage your target audience in new ways by providing a great user experience, fostering consumer loyalty and building a positive image of your brand. You should always keep in touch professionals during your campaign until goal is achieved.

Gamification in action

So far, gamification found a lot of appreciation by bringing great results to strong brands all over the world. Here are 2 examples of exceptionally profitable use of gamified strategies for content marketing.

1. Heineken US Open Instagram contest

During the 2013 US Open, Heineken launched a “Crack the US Open” contest on a special Instagram account.

Gamification is the Future of Digital Marketing

2. M&M’s Eye-Spy Pretzel

M&M’s took gamified content marketing to the next level in 2013, when the brand launched the M&M’s Pretzel campaign.

The game was met with great enthusiasm – it quickly went viral, generating lots of noise on social media. Here’s the original post – you can see for yourself that it received over 25,000 likes, 6,000 shares and 11,000 comments.

Last Words:

What campaigns might you be able to launch? How could gamification improve your reach? Please don’t forget to share your views about the articles And spread around your social world.

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