6 Best Mac Games you should try in this Season

Best Mac Games

Apple’s new MacBook Pro computers have gotten a lot of attention in the media for their cool, new TouchBar feature. But if you are considering buying a new MacBook Pro for gaming then you are in for a rude awakening. The new MacBook Pros just can’t hold a candle to cheaper, more powerful Windows computers when it comes to gaming. Today I’m going to share  10 Best Mac Games you should try in this Season

6 Best Mac Games give a Try

If you want to practice your finger action on the move, Brilliant fun and a great way one of the very first video games can now be played on your premium-priced laptop, using the Touch Bar for precise controls. Play against an easy or difficult to beat AI opponent, with the same fast-paced gameplay you remember from back in the day (if you’re old enough).

So the takeaway here is that if you want to game on the new MacBook Pros, you’ll be stuck at 1080p resolution due to the hardware limitations of these new laptops. If you try to use a higher screen resolution, you’ll likely experience a drop in frame rates as you try to play your game.


Note that before playing for the first time, some titles may require you to temporarily adjust your security settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Set ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ to ‘Anywhere’, launch the app once, confirm you’re OK with it, and then revert your System Preferences settings to a higher level of security.

1. The Walking Dead

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead did more than just cash in on the success of the AMC show bearing the same name. Rather, each season — broken up in to five parts — is an incredible feat in storytelling and character development. Using a point-and-click style of gameplay, The Walking Dead forces players to be mindful of each decision they make along the way. Certain decisions may lead to the death of key characters and alter the outcome altogether. If you’re looking for an involving story which makes you feel for the characters then The Walking Dead games are for you.

2018 Walking Dead Wall Calendar

2. Grand Theft Auto

One of the deepest and varied games of any genre, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a gaming spectacle. Rockstar Games has built its legacy on the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the San Andreas chapter solidified it as the bonafide open-world champion. At the time of release the game featured the largest open map of any Grand Theft Auto game featuring hours upon hours of its signature over-the-top gameplay.

You assume control of Carl Johnson who returns home to Los Santos — think Los Angeles — in the state of San Andreas following the murder of his mother. Like all Grand Theft Auto games the scale of missions starts small to familiarize the player with the game and the controls. Though, before you know it you’re rolling in Ferrari’s and assassinating heads of corporations. Even with its dated graphics you’ll have a hard time finding a game as engrossing and endlessly fun as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

3. Diablo Battle Chest

Blizzard’s made a fortune developing addictive computer games and Diablo III is no different. Though Diablo II loyalist’s had to wait 12 years for a sequel, it didn’t disappoint upon debut. Since its release Blizzard has remained steadfast in its dedication to listening to its users and updating the game accordingly.

Featuring a small learning curve — though difficult to master — Diablo III won’t alienate newcomers to the series. Hack and slash your way through the land of Sanctuary as you fend off various demonic hordes and level up your character. Diablo III is dungeon crawling at its finest yet never feels repetitive with its deep class and loot system. Its not far-fetched to dump an entire weekend in to this game and feel like you’ve only just started playing.

4. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft became a global phenomenon upon its release in 1998 and the sequel Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty carried on tradition in 2010. It’s even played so much in South Korea many have self-proclaimed it the national sport of the country. That’s high praise for Blizzard’s real-time strategy epic, though they deserve every bit of it. In the game you are able to take control of three separate factions: Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Though Wings of Liberty’s main storyline has you assume command of the Terran, you’re able to play as any of the three factions when playing multi-player.


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You’ll want to play Starcraft II if you thrive when micromanaging and juggling many different responsibilities. Keeping a keen eye on your resources, your available units, and your enemies whereabouts are all key to having a fighting chance in any match. If you just blink at the wrong time, thousands of Zerglings will bring your budding home base crashing to the ground.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


There’s no denying Minecraft’s immense popularity ever since even the basic version became available in 2009. Armed with nothing more than a block-person’s hands upon starting the game you’re given absolute freedom over an enormous, randomized map. You start by foraging for dirt and before you know it you’re deep underneath the ground level mining for diamond and gold. Watch your back, though, several enemies such as zombies or creepers are out to wreak havoc on your character and will even blow up your landscapes.

So addictive yet so simple, Minecraft will have you building towering skyscrapers and labyrinth-style mine shafts in minutes. Its pixelated, 8-bit graphics may turn some people away, though the gameplay is enough to please any and all gamers.

Minecraft for PC/Mac [Online Game Code]

6.  Universe Sandbox ²

Universe Sandbox ² is a physics-based space simulator that allows you to create, destroy, and interact on an unimaginable scale.

It merges real-time gravity, climate, collision, and material interactions to reveal the beauty of our universe and the fragility of our planet. Universe Sandbox ² is the long-awaited sequel to the original Universe Sandbox.

Universe Sandbox ² includes the desktop version and a new VR mode with support for the HTC Vive. This is a free, automatic update.The title also runs smoothly on almost any computer given its simplistic looks and benefits from a gratifying sense of progress. You can spend countless hours learning how to build a rocket capable of reaching the moon, however, only to realize the lunar frontier is hardly the final one. With incredible replay value, KSP is one of the few games that proves both educational and fun.



If you’ve played any other Mind Blowing Game on your Mac please Don’t forget to share with us.


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